Architect William L.Walker
Specializing in holistic and organic
cost effective design and construction for over 35 years

25 common problems

Following is a list that includes twenty five of the most common problems contributing to building envelope failure and potentially to mold growth. In the book, Water-Resistant Design and Construction, each of these problems is addressed with methodical explanations on how to avoid them. 

1. Materials got wet during construction

2. Dew point is reached in the wall without planning for condensation removal

3. Insulation inadequate, misplaced, wrong side of vapor barrier

4. Leaks at windows and doors or other holes in walls

5. Roof penetrations

6. Water coming in at intersection between walls and floor

7. Inadequate ventilation

8. Negative building

9. Inadequate air conditioning

10. Bad laps of membrane

11. No vapor barrier

12. Expansion of materials over time

13. Bad design

14. Poor construction

15. Membranes damaged during construction

16. Poor joint geometry

17. Building below finish grade

18. Hydrostatic pressure

19. Poor maintenance

20. Reliance upon sealants

21. Wrong material for the job

22. Exposure to UV during construction

23. Failed roofing products

24. Reliance upon coatings instead of membranes

25. A series of decisions and or other forces